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What is Access Concentration?

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Access concentration is a trance-like state where your perception remains focused on your object-of-concentration. Where before, your attention may sway back and forth between subjects, thoughts or senses; afterwards, your perception is strong and concentrated. This level of concentration allows you to delve deeper within yourself, solving real problems permanently. The purpose of this particular practice is to delve deep within your perception and understand the qualities of your sensate reality.
This is the reality you generally experience moment-to-moment, including sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feels and thoughts. At a surface level, this practice appears primitive, simple or even nonsensical but as you continue to travel inwards; you’ll discover inherent qualities before unnoticed. Understanding these qualities will allow you to alter and better understand your moment-to-moment perception and give you greater control over your life. Just as a microscope provides greater insight into our physiology; so too, meditation provides greater insight into our perception.
This is the first stage in the path. At the end, you'll experience how to live in the present moment, dropping of the ego and removal of judgement from your heart. We use the word experience here, because it's not intellectual knowledge; instead it's truths of the world you'll discover through experience. You'll experience, feel and understand how you only live in the present moment by removing the delusion of a real-past or real-future. Similarly, you'll experience, feel and understand the dropping of the ego and how it's impossible to create meaning through the attachment of your permanent self.
Lastly, you'll experience, feel and understand removal of judgement in your heart, as you'll discover judgement is your personal subjective interpretation of sensations; ultimately lacking objective meaning or validity. I know how it sounds but it's been true for thousands-of-years. This is the first step in a longer path. It's pragmatic, non-dogmatic, non-traditional and very effective. At the end of this 30-day journey, you’ll be well-on-your-way to maintaining a successful and fruitful practice.

Hi, I'm David!

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It's nice to meet you! I’m an ex-Orthodox Jewish Rabbinical Scholar & Academic, currently focused on teaching pragmatic meditation and philosophy world-wide.

Like many, I’ve struggled time-to-time with depressing thoughts and fear-of-failure (or success!) Meditation, for myself, was life-changing and taught me so many skills necessary to greatly improve my own life. For this reason, I’ve worked really hard to make it as easy as possible for you to learn and then master. Thank you for joining our community.

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“I've become so much more mindful since completing your course. Thank you for creating this wonderful community.”

- Danielle

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- Morgan

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- Brendan

“I am grateful for this community and all the resources available in Project Mindfulness”

- Josh

“I've never been more thankful. After years of searching, the Access Concentration Course has helped me achieve what I was really seeking.”

- Amy


  • Will I get to communicate with you if I have any questions?

    Yes. I am completely available for you and so is our amazing community!

  • Can I really achieve access concentration in just a month?

    Yes. If you follow the instructions and actually practice, you absolutely can - and moreover, it's likely!

  • What about refunds?

    If you buy this course, we want you to practice. If you're not practicing and utilizing the guidance within, then let us know and you'll receive a refund. This type of practice isn't for everyone!

In 30 days, you can experience access concentration